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We will need the following documentation in order to process your application:- State Issued ID (Driver's License) - Recent Paystub - Utility Bill (for address verification)The easiest way to get us the documents is to upload them below with your application if you have access to a scanner. You can scan the documents to your PC and easily attach them below.You can also take a photo of the documents if you have a camera phone and email it to yourself for submission with your application or you can email them directly to us at Please reference the name of the defendant in the email subject line so we can properly match your documents with the correct application.

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authorizing the release of all credit data to EZ Bail Bonds of New Jersey that is necessary to complete this process. Necessary information may include but not be limited to my past and present employment and earnings, past and present resident history, savings and checking account information, government financial aid, consumer credit balances, payments and history through one or more credit bureaus. I understand my responsibilities as an indemnitor on a bail bond for the above defendant. I certify that all information given in this application, supporting documents and interviews is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information, omissions or misrepresentation of facts called for in this application may disqualify my application. Clicking on the "Submit Application" button has the same effect as physically signing the application.

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